Saturday, 13 February 2010

Excercise 10: Focal Lengths and different perspectives

This excercise is all about perspective. This is my understanding of it; the wider the lens, the more it emphasises the difference is sizes between the objects in the frame and shows distance between items well; a telephoto lens compresses items in the photo which has the effect of either isolating the subject from it's background, or as the course material states "it reduces the apparent difference is size due to distance" (page 35).  I tried to choose a scene with depth, but I'm not sure this really shows the difference in persepective well at all.  The focal lengths I chose are 35mm which is the widest I have, and 125mm.


I'd like to try this with a person and if possible with a real wide angle lens and a telephoto to see if I can demonstrate the difference more.  It is certainly advocated by many on the photography forums I've visited that the use of wide angle lenses whould be avoided when photographing people at close distance as it is likely to produce distortion of the facial features which are not likely to be flaterring!

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