Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Excercise 8: A sequence of composition

Finally managed to do this on Chinese New year/Valentines day. I was very nervous about shooting people/strangers in a public place but I hoped that an event such as this would make it easier for me. Unfortunately (there always seems to be an 'unfortunately' part to my posts), I was not really able to move around very much, my position was a long way from the action, and I did not have a long enough lens to see the dragons and lions in very much detail. Also having two little children to look after meant that I could not concentrate on keeping my eye to the viewfinder, but was mostly trying to make sure they did not get lost in the crowd! However, I managed to pivot around the spot, and I did find after trying to shoot wide and telephoto scenes and trying to get as much of the crowd/background in the photo, I preferred to look at more close up scenes, for more interesting shapes/blocks of colour/groups of people.

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