Sunday, 14 February 2010

Excercise 13: Vertical and horizontal frames

This excercise comes under the project heading frame shapes and sizes.  The project introduces theories of frame division, and the excercise is based on the theory that because our eyes are a horizontal oval, and cameras are made with a horizontal view as normal, people tend to shoot this way instead of shooting upright.  However, although shooting upright may not be the easiest to do and ergonomically more awkward, I have found that I mostly shoot vertically anyway because of my subject matter (usually close up portraits).  So, I am actually forcing myself to shoot horizontally in this excercise.  Here are a selection of the photos I took vertically, then horizontally.  I was intending to go to Winchester for the excercise but was prevented by doing so, so I had to shoot in the house and garden.

Most shots could be made to work equally well whether shot vertically or horizontally.  However, I did find that if a shot had vertical lines, I would be more drawn to shooting vertically.  I found that shooting the above subjects horizontally, forced me to place the subjects along one edge.  The first horizontal orchid for example, I do not think works particularly well and would perhaps have benefited to being along the right a bit more so thatt the frame was a bit more balanced and followed the rule of thirds.  Similarly, the horizontal shoots does not work well for me because of the vertical lines, but it could have been made to work by placing the nearest shoot along a point in the rule of thirds.

The project also deals with frame formats, and I think a single yellow flower could have been succesfully shot or cropped to a square format as it is radially symmetrical.

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