Monday, 18 January 2010

Excercise 2: Focus with a set Aperture

I needed to find a scene with depth, process the photographs, and state which I prefer and why.  I had to shoot indoors and chose this stripey character as my subject.

1. Focus just behind nose F2.5

2. Focus on neck

3. Focus on body (stripe nearest hind leg)

4. Focus on tail

I prefer photo no.1 which has most of the face in focus although not all of it sharp.  The face for me is the most interesting/important part of the picture.  The second has it's eyes and front legs in focus, but the out of focus nose is distracting.  The photograph may also look better if the subject had been placed in a different part of the frame, perhaps the towards the top right third so that it was looking more into the frame rather than out of it altogether.  I might try using this subject again for the exercise on frames.

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