Monday, 4 January 2010

Just enrolled and Film Musings

I've done it, I'm signed on. I can't wait to get my course materials. I've been doing lots of reading on the OCA forums and the OCA flickr group. Feel a bit apprehensive now having looked at some student portfolios and reading about assignment and assessment preparations. I am still looking forward to it though!

I've just read a thread on the oca flickr group discussing how the art of photography course has influenced how some students watch a film. Thought I'd make a quick list of my recent observations:

1 flare – was watching Star Trek the other day and was struck how much flare there was in the shots on the bridge of the enterprise. It added to the sense of newness, everything shiny and reflective. It was also a little unsettling particulary when combined with off centre/ off kilter horizons – adding to the scenes of danger.

2 haze/cross processed ?/ desaturated look - Just saw the beginning of District 9 and was struck by the use of colour. I love hazy desaturated looks. I usually associate them with vintage/retro photographs, the romantic sort which appears to be in vogue at the moment. But in this particular case, the haze and desaturated colours contributed to the feeling of grit, grime, decay. I think it suited the hand held/ documentary style scenes very well.

I want to watch The Third Man again and also Sunshine and see if I can watch them with a 'photographer's eye'.

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