Sunday, 31 January 2010

Excercise 4: Shutter Speeds

This is an exercise focusing on shutter speeds which should be good for me as I rarely think of using shutter speed in an artistic way.  I usually only ever worry about it to avoid camera shake or motion blur, which as the exercise has shown me, can actually be used to great effect.

So I choose the shutter speed from very slow, to fast.  I set the camera to TV priority which means I get to choose the speed and the camera chooses the aperture.  My camera doesn't change the iso automatically in changing lights and I forgot to adjust this as the light changed so there are a few blown white spots on the photos when the sunlight was particularly bright.

1. shutter speed 1/4

2. shutter speed 1/15

3. shutter speed 1/30

4. shutter speed 1/40

5. shutter speed 1/60

6. shutter speed 1/100

7. shutter speed 1/125

8. shutter speed 1/250

9. shutter speed  1/640

I think that photo 7 at speed 1/125 sec photo is the slowest shutter speed from this collection that froze the motion. 

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