Sunday, 31 January 2010

Excercise 6: Fitting the frame to the subject

Whoo hoo!  I've reached Part 1 of the the course.  Part 1 is about "The Frame". 

This is the first photo taken from a distance.


The next is placing the subject within a landscape

The next is deatiled shot


the next is fitting the subject to the frame although this isn't quite right as it acutally shows the drive and they sky above it (need to redo with a different subject!) 

So what's the purpose of this excercise? The course materials say that it is to experiment with how much space the subject takes up in the viewfinder. My photos can then be compared to those in the folder and they should all be of the same/similar proportions. That brings me back to my original question - so what has this taught me? I guess for me, it displays how the focus/main interest of the photograph changes with the amount the subject is in the frame. For example, with the subject set in a landscape, it puts the subject in context and and show the relationship between it and the landscape it is set in. It is probably the most comfortable scene to view as there is more information available to the viewer. The one with the detailed shot, funnily enough, changes the focus to the details/smaller objects/textures within the frame. I find the subject shot exactly to fit the frame to be less appealing as there is no context or detail to directly focus on. But this tight framing could be used well for photos where the photographer wants to convey the sense of large proprotions. It could be used well for objects that look like they are looming towards the viewer.

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