Sunday, 31 January 2010

Excercise 5: Panning with different shutter speeds

Staying with the same subject from Excercise 4, I tried panning.  I found this a bit difficult as I was in a failry narrow space so the opportunity to pan was limited.  However, I did like some of the shots that came out.

These were all taken at 1/40



The following at 1/60


I really like 2 and 4.  2 because it's quite funny to just get her foot, and 4 because part of it is in focus and part not so it still retains the feeling of movement.

My overall favourite from the sequence in Excercise 4 and 5, on reflection is from Excercise 4 - photo number 4 as it has a lovely smooth motion blur in the skirt and hair but also gives the impression of having parts in focus.  I prefer it cropped like this...

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