Tuesday, 26 January 2010

more flares, more vintage retro feel

I just keep spotting the use of sunflares and the vintage/retro/grunge look everywhere.  I've noticed it on advertising both on television and in magazines, I mean, it was even in the Cbeebies bed time hour!  I guess it's in fashion right now.  I wonder how log it will last?  I love the look but by the time I'm able to replicate it, it'll probably be out of fashion.


  1. I've noticed that too !! (Not on Cbeebies though) Lens flare seems to be everywhere and sometimes its just not needed.

  2. Janet, I did find it distracting (on the Cbeebies shot) so much so that I cannot actually remember what the story was about and if the sun flare was even relevant to the story or contributed to it (I don't think so!)